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Phone-gram Promotion !!!!
Reach out and touch someone's emotions. For a limited time Phone-grams are only $30
Cheer someone up with songs, jokes, ...

Old Time Telegram Messages don't exist anymore, so we are now providing that service for $30. Read aloud or performed for $60. Several examples include telegrams read at funerals and announcements of a birth, pregnancy, new job, wedding, etc.

March Special
Sinatra Serenade
Crooner Serenade
R&B Serenade
Usually $100
During March Only $80
Special Features During March
Celtic Characters
Woodland Fairies

Examples of Singing Telegram Videos
Singing Telegram $80.00 Live Performance in the Denver metro area!

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To Place an Order, Please Call
(303)668-5944 (mobile)
Based in Metro Denver
Colorado, USA

Saving the US economy one telegram at a time!

Rated "G" for GREAT!!!

For only $80, you get a LIVE performance in the Denver metro area. A telegram includes your choice of either Balloons, Flowers, Candy, Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies, or a Mini Gift Basket

    *  customized telegram lyrics created for any person or situation
    *  over 40 different characters available to deliver your telegram
    *  use a telegram for business promotions, jingles and product launches
    *  all presentations are guaranteed to be in good taste for any audience

* in business since 1980 *
We have delivered at least 10,000 telegrams and climbing!

We can also send out telegrams in quite a few other cities! Call for details. Prices will vary.

Special Right NOW!! Phone-gram for $30.00 delivered ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!!!!

Anytime is the right time to tell someone "you are my sunshine."

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