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Reach out and touch someone's emotions for a limited time, Phone-grams are only $50
Cheer someone up with songs, jokes, ...

Old Time Telegram Messages don't exist anymore, so we are now providing that service for $100 song or read aloud, performed in person in the Denver area. We are open to creative new ideas to bring joy and happiness to your special person, group of people or organization. Several examples include telegrams read at funerals and announcements of a birth, pregnancy, new job, wedding, etc. Just call us at 303-399-5869 or 303-668-5944(m) to collaborate/conspire.

** Brighten Someone's Day   
The Sunshine Telegram Way **

To Place an Order, Please Call
(303)668-5944 (mobile)
Based in Metro Denver
Colorado, USA

Saving the US economy one telegram at a time!

Rated "G" for GREAT!!!

For only $100, you get a LIVE performance in the Denver metro area. A telegram includes your choice of either Balloons, Flowers, Candy, Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies, or a Mini Gift Basket

    *  customized telegram lyrics created for any person or situation
    *  over 40 different characters available to deliver your telegram
    *  use a telegram for business promotions, jingles and product launches
    *  all presentations are guaranteed to be in good taste for any audience

* in business since 1980 *
We have delivered at least 10,000 telegrams and climbing!

We can also send out telegrams in quite a few other cities! Call for details. Prices will vary.

Special Right NOW!! Phone-gram for $50.00 delivered ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!!!!

Anytime is the right time to tell someone "you are my sunshine."

Brighten Someone's Day!