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Birthday Anniversary Congratulations Bridal Shower
Graduation Cheer Up! I'm Pregnant Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Will You Marry Me? Promotion I Miss You! Thank you!
Get Well Soon Be My Prom Date Baby Shower Welcome to Denver Airport!
I ' l l  b e  T r u e  t o  Y o u !
It's a Boy/Girl I'm Sorry Welcome Home Pranks
Bachelor/ette Party Retirement Just Because
(I Love You)
Will You Divorce Me?
Pet Funerals Way to Go! - Quit Smoking It's OK to Die Eloping
Holiday Fun
April Fools Day Thanksgiving Happy Easter St. Patrick's Day
Halloween Valentine's Day Mother's Day Father's Day
Merry Christmas Happy Chanukah Happy Holidays  


April Fools

Baby Shower

Bachelor/ette Party

Marilyn-- (the comic version) there to sing "A Bachelor is a Girl’s Best Friend", and wants to make the most of his final hours of freedom. Also sings “Makin’ Whoopie.” Makes kiss marks on his cheeks.

The Latin Lover-- Tells him/her to forget about the wedding, and run away with her/him, instead! Grabs her/him and does the tango. After his/her attempts to persuade her/him fail, he/she graciously congratulates her/him and wishes her/him the best.

Pregnant Woman-- Incensed to hear that he’s getting married, when she is carrying "his child"! He’s been "dodging" her calls and she’s serving him with a "Paternity Suit" (which happens to be his telegram).

Bag Lady-- A prank where she represents herself to be one of the members of the bride’s family who just can’t WAIT to meet him! She tries to sell people things she just supposedly fished out of the dumpster.

Belly Dancer-- A little bit more expensive, but very tasteful, sensual and lovely. Enters the building wearing a coat, or non-risque wrapping. Performs for about 5-10 min., then tries to get him to learn bellydancing.

French Man/Woman-- A very romantic French person would sing, "Thank Heaven For Little Girls (or brides, grooms, bachelors, bachelorettes)" and would do a medley of French tunes. Any time the recipient says any French word, they are kissed up their arm "She spoke French!"

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Be my Prom date!


Bridal Shower


Cheer Up!!






Father's Day

Get Well



Happy Holidays

I miss you

I'll be True to You!

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I'm Pregnant

I'm Sorry

It's a Boy!

It's a Girl!

It's alright to die

Just because I love you

Mother's Day

New Years



Saint Patrick's Day

Thank you


Will you Marry me?

Will you Divorce me?

Pet Funerals


Valentine's Day

Way to go!!

Welcome home

Welcome to Denver International Airport

You are my Sunshine

Occasions that haven't even been invented yet