** Phone-gram Promotion!! **


Get The Song of the Day and we take requests

Cheer someone up!!!
Do you know someone that is ill or elderly?
How about some customized quality entertainment about topics that they like:

We can surprise them with a joke or their favorite hymn.
Tell us about them and we will customize the message to bring a smile.
Laughter is the best medicine.

Do you want to deliver an emotional message but are too shy?
If you want to send a telegram to someone who is shy, send it by telephone and they are the only ones who will hear it ... also good for Secret Lovers.
Let us serenade them for you!!

Overseas? Want to bring some cheer to your family?
Give them a gift from your heart - we can deliver a message you may not be able to say yourself.

How about a morale booster? Do people at your job need to hear encouragement?
We can remind them of the good around them and the reasons they have to be excited.

Interesting, interactive entertainment. What a deal!

How about a gift that keeps on giving - record us on your voicemail and play it over and over again - forward it to your friends in the office. Spread the cheer!