** Valentine's Day!! **


Singing Telegram with a Bouquet of Ballons attached to
a basket of candy and a Rose
All this for only $125!!
We also have gift baskets.

Valentine's Characters available:
  • The BEE!! - Your honey wants you to Bee their Valentine
  • MAFIA MAN/WOMAN - Makes you and offer you can't refuse: "You must be my Valentine or else!"
  • PIRATE - Thinks you are a treasure and wants to steal your heart away.
  • LATIN LOVER/ESS - Will tell you to forget about your Birthday (or other occassion) and run away with him/her instead! Grabs you and does the tango.
  • COWBOY/COWGIRL - A country style telegram
  • MESSENGER OF LOVE - Dolled up in red lace with a big heart around her neck
  • TUX - Gentleman in elegant attire
  • CUPID - There's nothing stupid like a cupid
  • ANGEL - You're my angel and I love you
  • HAPPY SUNSHINE - The perfect time to tell someone "You are my Sunshine!!"
  • JESTER - The courtly Jester will recite a Love Poem
  • CLASSIC ROCK or JAZZ Serenade - Medley of Love songs
  • FRANK SINATRA Serenade - Sounds just like him!!
  • BANJO Serenade - Specializes in Appalachian music
  • BELLYGRAM - Tastefully sexy and exotic
  • More Costumes