** Prices and Payment Options **
Prices for Services in the Denver, Colorado metro area
We can also send out telegrams in quite a few other cities! Call for details. Prices will vary.

Singing Telegram
(call for a quote if outside the Denver metro area)


 Live Video-gram
 Can be delivered via
 Zoom®, WhatsApp®, or
 other electronic methods.


Customized Video Recording of your telegram with a YouTube link


Customized written telegram with one gift delivery

 $65.00 Duet $140.00  
Phone-gram  $50.00 3 Singers/Characters $200.00
Sinatragram/Serenades $125.00 3 Singers/Characters and a Specialty Act like Belly Dancing $325.00  
Valentine- The Works $125.00    
Belly or Hula Dancer $125.00
and up
Hand delivered Telegram comes with one gift item (Balloons, Flowers, Cookies or Gift Basket), however you can get as many gift items as you want for an additional $15 each.
Tips are always welcomed and appreciated!

We currently accept payment through PayPal and Credit Cards Online or over the phone via Mastercard and Visa.

Before paying, please call 303-399-5869 or 303-668-5944(m).  We will need information from you to deliver your telegram. 
Prices may vary based on various factors and extra service - Our specialty is that we can customize the telegram just for the person and occasion. 
For PayPal or Credit card on-line  --  Please enter the info below and then click Add to Cart
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If you want to pay by Venmo, send it to Andrew@Andrew-HOPKINS-0 or a1ofakindfind@gmail.com with a description of who the telegram is for, occasion and the date of delivery

If you prefer to pay by Zelle, send it to (303) 668-3287 with a description of who the telegram is for, occasion and the date of delivery

(303)668-3287 payment/bookkeeping/website inquiries